Brandy Alexander Pie

In the second of the winter cake updates, we have Andrea’s Brandy Alexander Pie. This came pre-sliced, and shockingly had to be photographed using a mobile phone, as the usual artist was away and the photographer de jour was ill-prepared. Nonetheless, the word came back to your diligent blogger that this was a pie deserving of high praise and accolades, and was greatly enjoyed by all present. Andrea’s recipe follows.

3 packets Griffins Afghan biscuits
180g butter
Blend in food processor
Press biscuit mixture onto bottom and up side of shallow 20 to 25 cm diameter pie or flan dish

175g butter
225 g icing sugar
120 g plain chocolate, melted
3 tablespoons brandy (or rum or whisky)
150 ml whipped cream
Cream butter and icing sugar in food processor
Add melted chocolate and brandy to creamed sugar/butter mix and whizz in food processor again
Whip cream
Fold whipped cream into chocolate mixture

Spoon mixture onto biscuit crust
Decorate pie with chocolate curls
Refigerate at least 1 hr before serving

Serve with whipped cream or fresh fruit or both.

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