Ginger log

This week was the turn of your faithful web editor, and a monstrous turn it was too. Pen rolled out an old family recipe for ginger log, and scaled it up to proportions appropriate for the feeding of a hungry Cake Club. It doesn’t contain any added sugar or butter, but probably isn’t very good for you. Her report follows.

Ingredients from the motherland
1/2 pint double cream
8 oz ginger biscuits (or as long as you want it!)
sherry or similar
crystallised or stem ginger for decoration

Ingredients used by the daughter
1 litre cream
100 Griffin’s gingernuts (5 packets)
A generous dollop of Kahlua
Chocolate buttons and walnut halves for decoration

Put small amount of booze in a bowl. Whip half cream until it is fairly stiff. Careful not to turn it into cheese! Dip biscuits one at a time into alcohol (only briefly or they will disintegrate) and stick together with stiff cream until you have a long caterpillar on a serving dish. One fruit spoon of cream per biscuit is about right. Put in refrigerator overnight (or for as long as you’ve got). Next day whip remaining cream and cover biscuit roll completely. Decorate. The more the merrier. Cut diagonal or straight slices from loaf.

The hungry caterpillars were served facing each other on a handy rimu plank. There may now need to be a new cake club award for Longest Dessert.

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