Cake-Off Challenge: Cheesemas Pudding

The fourth and final of the Christmas Cake-Off 2010 Challenge Cakes to be tasted on this fine December morning was the Cheesemas Pudding by Helen. Her inspiration came from the layered ice cream cake, Vienetta. “But I discovered that you can’t bake chocolate seams. They melt. Then I made a no-bake cheesecake, and froze it, which looked great but it was too hard to eat. So this one looks a bit like it’s melting. It has a meringue base and the plate is coated with white chocolate.” In addition, the pudding prompted Grand Larceny, as Helen had to steal holly leaves from a neighbouring garden to create the chocolate embellishments. Very festive.

Guest Judge, Lord Forrester of Governor’s Bay, being quite full of cake by now, had this to say about the pudding:

Smooth and chocolately. Tastes of happiness. Presentation superlative.

Other comments from the assembled tasters included “A labour of love,” and very truthfully, “No need for lunch.”

Vote for Helen’s Cheesemas Pudding in the 2010 Cake-Off Round 1 Poll.

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