Cake-Off Challenge: Chocolate Chilli Cupcakes

The third of the Christmas Cake-Off 2010 Challenge Cakes to be tasted on this fine December morning was the chocolate chilli cupcakes by Katarina. “Cupcakes are usually such gentle, cute and lovely things, with a lot of pink. I thought I would give them a new devilish expression. Especially if you eat the chilli on top. It should be interesting.”

Guest Judge, Lord Forrester of Governor’s Bay, getting into his stride in this judging game, had this to say about the cupcakes:

Cake moist and succulent. Satisfying chocolate ganache. The chocolate eloquently representing the Christian goodness of the festive season, and chilli representing the devil.

Other comments from the assembled tasters included “tantilizingly tingly,” and happily, “chocolate and chilli are friends.”

Vote for Katarina’s chocolate chilli cupcakes in the 2010 Cake-Off Round 1 Poll.

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