Christmas Cake-Off 2010 Round 3 Poll

Round 3 of the Cake-off Baking Challenge got underway on a hot nor’westerly morning, with five contestants raring to go and a wide variety of offerings laid out. But first, a word from the minstrels.

While shepherds baked their cakes by night,
twixt starry nights and beasts
The Cake Club toiled hard and long
to make their final feast.

“Fear not!” said Pen, “a mighty pie
has seized my troubled mind.
Behold!” said she, uncovering
the monster she’d designed.

“To you in Lincoln town is brought
this wond’rous Cake Delight,”
Spake Chris as he came forth and proffered
cake which did excite.

“Such novel cake you there shall find
to hungry view displayed,”
Said Wendy as she gathered hers
and on the table laid.

“I fed these snails on strawberries
and filled the cake quite full,”
Said Sam, with clear intention to
win Prize Original.

“These muffins potent I do bring
to invoke Christmas taste,”
Said Richard, having made a pledge
no brandy he would waste.

“All glory be to Cake on high,
and to the Club be piece(s of cake);
The tasting will henceforth begin,
begin and never cease.”

The entries into Round 3 of the Christmas Cake-Off 2010 can be relived upon this notable blog:

Sam’s Fish in the Ocean

Wendy’s Cake Balls

Pen’s Possum Pie

Chris’s New Mexican Chocolate Cake

Richard’s Brandy Muffins

You can vote for these cakes in the polls below, on grounds of taste, aesthetics and originality. Choose your favourite of the five cakes for each category. The poll will close on the evening of the 24th, so don’t forget to cast your vote soon! The results from all rounds will be revealed together on Christmas Eve.

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