An introduction

Welcome to the internet home of the Tuesday Cake Club. Before we really get into it, let’s get some definitions clear.

Cake (noun). A sweet baked food, made of flour, liquid, eggs and other ingredients… (click here for the full definition)

Dessert (noun). Pudding, afters. Often a sweet dish, usually consumed at the end of a meal, or as a treat.

Dangerous (adjective). Possibly a bad idea, potentially fatal.

To sum up, we’re going to be testing out cake (and other delectable dessert) recipes, and eating them. There are only two simple rules.

  1. To eat the cake, you must take your turn at baking the cake.
  2. Offerings must have a substantial sugar and fat content.

If you would rather keep your cake at home and eat it entirely yourself, then it sounds like a perfect fit for Tuesday tea time.

Use the categories on the right to see recipes, or hover over the calendar to see which tasty morsels have been posted recently.

Let the baking commence.

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