Fruit Club

As 2011 dawned fresh and sunny, and Cake Club slowly awoke to a new year of cakin’ delights, Kat, Pen and Janine provided a light and fluffy start to the next 52 weeks of digestive challenges. Fruit Club, designed especially to sound almost healthy, but in the end living up to the Cake Club ideals of high fat and sugar, with a dash of alcohol, went down very well with the troops. The recipes follow.

Fruit salad

1 nectarine
4 plums
1 peach
apple juice to cover
dash of peach schnapps (or whatever you can find in the Party Box)

Mix. Stir. Consume.

Whipped cream

Whip up a bottle of cream. Add a couple of spoons of icing sugar and a yon of vanilla essence.

Fresh Fruit Ice-cream (from Page Lawson)

4 parts fruit
2 parts cream
1 part sugar

Best made with frozen fruit that has been half defrosted.
Mix cream and sugar in a food processor, add fruit and process until smooth.
Freeze and eat (best taken out of freezer half an hour before eating).
You can always add extra chunks of fruit just before half way through the freezing process e.g. passionfruit (or passionfruit syrup) or blueberries or pieces of chocolate

Flavours for fruit club
Banana and passionfruit…stir in the passionfruit once the icecream is partially frozen
Blackboy peach

Raspberries or any other fresh fruit will also work.


Recipe to come…


South African Malva Pudding

Laura served up a South African double whammy in her latest Cake Club effort. Having pudding for starters is always a good sign in baking circles, and the Malva Pudding was no disappointment. This succulent, sticky slice filled the cake sized hole that is always empty at morning tea time, leaving only room for the tart that was to follow. Hoorah! Laura’s report follows.

South African Malva Pudding

Almost every restaurant in Cape Town has Malva Pudding on its dessert menu. It is rich, delicious and indulgent. Along with many other traditional South African dishes it gives a nod to the Netherlands for its origins. Essentially a rather homely baked cakey pudding, its restaurant version soaks itself in a rich, creamy sauce to take on a mantle of decadence, while elegant versions serve themselves up with a few poached apricots alongside too.

1 cup Plain Flour
0.5 cup Sugar
1 cup Warm Milk
1 Egg
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tbsp Vinegar
2 tbsp Apricot Jam
1 tsp Bicarbonate of soda


Cream together egg, sugar & vinegar. Fold in dry ingredients. Mix bicarbonate of soda with warm milk and Apricot Jam until frothy then add to mixture. Gently fold in. Bake at 180° for 25 minutes. Prepare the following sauce and pour over while still warm. Serve with fresh cream / custard / sauce.


0.5 cup Boiling Water
1 tbsp Sugar
2 oz Butter
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
0.5 cup Cream

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